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Glass is extremely numerous on the beach, here the Clyde near Helensburgh. Reminding me of the stories of plastic covered island beaches way out in the pacific. It took no time at all to find plenty of the smoothed, opaque looking flat pebbles. Sand returning as glass.

a price to pay

It was a great day (20/3/13) but a late lapse of concentration might have caused a slight rib fracture judging by the aggravation caused by a day digging a week later, which was worse than the skiing on brothers 40th the day after. Well bruised is just as unpleasant. Not a good time with neither the potato bed or any others dug up. Again pulled out a big bucket load of couch-grass and horsetail roots while digging the 2square meters for the Jerusalem artichokes, which were successfully, if a bit too closely planted. Will I see the nice yellow flowers (third time lucky) or just be able to enjoy the roots next winter?
The first Sunday after the spring full moon (Easter) and the clocks just went forward. The days are getting a bit more pleasant though the nights are still below freezing. A sunny day to come!

Cold – still!

Its unseasonably cold and light but daily snow makes the the ground soggy again. Standing on a board to dig patch for Jerusalem Artichokes (25 Fuseau, love them :).
Sun out on and of and warm in hut. Looks like more skiing before spring arrives.


After gettig a drainpipe of the scrapyard the other day, had to make a fire to burn off the tar coating as the fumes were unbearable at first installation. Can now sit by the fire, having a cuppa watching the birds feeding.


In other allotment sites alloteers are fighting for huts. Here in Kennyhill a perfectly solid hut (the damage pictured caused by a sledge hammer) with a good roof, build by our oldest (89 this year) plot holder 40 years ago,got removed on public expense.
A shining example for sustainability, continuity and valuable use of resources!


A fleeting image in the park molten during a sunny day. Getting plenty of pleasure from the bird table and am amazed by the magpies in the back garden building their nest on the same branch as most years. Large twigs balanced with patience, up onto the wall from there to the roof and into the tree. Sometimes passing it to the partner weaving the nest. Or dropping it and contemplating the loss before starting afresh.


Wintry conditions are back. Night frost forecast and raining on and of since Thursday.

Luckily fixed roofs of main hut and attached greenhouse. Also got flew from scrapyard so will be able to set up stove :). Finished cold frame.It houses strawberries in pots and 3 fish boxes of overwintered leaf salads which started to provide a harvest once a week or so.
Sown successfully indoors (at home on window seal)  so far: several varieties of tomatoes, leeks, onion/shallot, marigold, nasturtium, cayenne peppers and aubergines, with begonias tenderly coming up and lobillia sown (out of moon phases as an experiment) yesterday . Hope weather improves by 24th when next sowing is planned for, so these can be moved to green house.
While digging the 2/3 of potato bed to be, removed two barrow loads of horsetail and couch grass roots. Thankfully a green cage is provided by council presently, which took all the branches of the surrounding hedge too. Lets hope it stays till the end of next week!
Still very grey and wet outside, back to the plot tomorrow.


I do have a love for provisional solutions. Like the transient nature. In art I also find beauty in decay and imperfection. Sustainability might well only be possible if nothing is permanent.