Monthly Archives: April 2013


The first strawberry flower awaiting the bees in the coldframe. These plants are in their second year, the runners having been potted autumn 2011. The amount of buds indicating a considerably larger harvest than last year, again much earlier than the unprotected ones.
Planted onion sets and seedlings today as well as sown wild rocket, pak choi and radishes outside.
Beans planted in pots to germinate in greenhouse and kale and sprouts at home. Courgettes  cucumbers, cauliflower, kohlrabi, scorzonera and several varieties of flowers have germinated, hopefully getting moved to allotment next week. It is very windy and still feels cold, therefore recovered the spinach and the wee salad seedlings (cos and red iceberg).


Plenty of frogs and subsequently their eggs are in the pond. Nice to see the heads sticking out of the water and to hear the gurgling sound.
Miscalculated the size of the potato bed needed and have to do a lot more digging. Will most likely put the earlys in on friday.
Planted the pea seedlings on Saturday (13th) and they are doing well. Netted them from the of this year having lost so much to the birds last year. They already devastated some of the broccoli, which if not sprouting as yet seemed to have survived the move in early march.
Today added a honeysuckle and nasturtium with the great RC4 which served me and my Father before me very well as a support, also a few marygold. The spinach sown almost two moons ago (under loops above) starts moving as does the rhubarb. Plenty there, so put black buckets over some emerging shoots. The strawberries are also doing well but show no signs of flowers.
Put on some more guttering and can now fill 5 barrels with water with potential for more.


A brief visit to my beloved Argyll the Gaelic heart of Scotland, revisiting favorite sites ranging from a prehistoric standing stone, cairn and stone circle to medieval crave slabs and a cleared village. The amazingly beautiful setting of the latter making forceful eviction obvious, who would ever want to leave for long?
Large scale private ownership of land (if any) isn’t right. Land must belong to those who work and live on it.


Despite the miserable weather (to cold add the rain) flowers emerging with there colourful beauty.
The blue ones are dwarf irises planted in the jerusalem artichoke bed not long ago, the other greeting visitors from a ski helmet by the gate.


It was skiing before sowing, with the winter not losing its grip. Nothing much moves in the garden or the greenhouse and night frost is still a threat, delaying the potato planting and sowings outdoors. Despite having prepared the pots for the tomatoes in the greenhouse, these also will stay at home on the windowsill which awaits more indoor sowings. The peas are doing great in peat pots and will be planted out (under polythene) this week.


Late but spring has arrived. A couple of frost free nights and almost warm in the sun. Planted rocket and what the rats left of the picasso potatoes. Arty beasts as well.