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Do like sheep although they still seem to outnumber people they replaced in the glens (the outrages highland clearances). At the cairn above Loch Nell parents I encouraged to visit with their kids discouraged them to crawl inside, where I used to do the opposite with mine 15 years ago. It was nice to see that the son managed to get in (for a photo :), while we got comfortable on the blanket and set up the music. 
The garden is doing good needing weeding, digging, planting but getting only as much attention as absolutely necessary due to ongoing pain. Do not like the questions this raises.


The spring has finally arrived and everything is moving apart from the writer who moved too much and tries to slow down, despite still having to dig the cabbage patch. However, pleased with the progress so far, with the allotment supplying the majority of our salad, some peas flowering and almost being able to see the tomatoes growing. Most potatoes are showing as do the jerusalem artichokes. Some beans, spring cabbages, kohlrabi and flowers are also planted outside. Ever the worrier got a 1,9×1,25×1,9m(hight) plastic greenhouse today, expanding the tomato growing space.
Very pleased to attract gold finches now, surely the most beautiful birds around here. Above pictures are a departure from the phone (nokia808) pics published so far and are a return to nikon albeit with a tamron 18-270mm lense (the goldfinch taken from inside the greenhouse).


Sunshine and heavy showers so far and forecast for the remainder of the day. With strong winds and only  9′ Celsius not quite an allotter’s paradise. Consequently build another cold-frame, think of if/where to put a poly-tunnel or try to get myself towards a more optimistic outlook. (here’s one of the showers:).
To directly experience the seasons, the difference within them year on year and the consequences for plant growth and therefore produce,  makes marking the seasons by the first farmers obvious.

I guess for most of us it is less time consuming to sell our labour and buy food, rather then to plant, harvest and preserve/store it. Most likely even as a vegetarian or vegan. (there’s the sun again:).

My ambition for the allotment is to fulfil (*) our vegetable and salad needs. Interestingly but maybe necessarily,  despite no existential dependence on the produce my mood starts changing with the weather and the perceived possibility of achieving this ambition. Aiming for a variety of produce I find the planning especially considering my inexperience challenging and replacing my sculptural activities for the time being. In building cold frames and other structures I also seem to solve very similar problems to the ones I come across in my sculptural works.

(*): Had to check Google spelling with hard copy dictionary, just doesn’t look right: despite my love and preference for the English language and the majority of my life spent in Britain, might still be more proficient in my mother tongue!


Digging out some long lost feature with quite a foundation. Likely border of a rock garden now becoming another cold frame. Still pretty cool and very windy. Covered growing appears to be way forward judging by growth in first cold frame.