Monthly Archives: July 2013


Hardly any rain since the last entry and a sommer as beautiful as any I experienced in Scotland. The sun and warmth together with the hose pipe are doing wonders for the plot. After courgettes, peas, mangetout, kohlrabi and chines cabbage, the beans, asparagus peas, broccoli and potatoes as well as garlic and some onions are also ready now.Getting too much to eat and storing is starting to become a problem, especially with a temperamental freezer. However apart from the work, I don’t remember beans in glasses fondly.DSC_0015

The rain which has finally returned filled all available barrels enabling watering the greenhouses without a hose and the outside getting watered hy the heavens. Today the sungold tomatoes showed some colour now that the strawberries are coming to the end.

The size of the cabbages showing the lack of bed preparation. Last year the sieved communal compost and some manure worked in the autumn before planting made seemingly all the difference. However overall I have a greater variety and more of produce and sadly weeds too.DSC_0007_2

Unfortunately  only basic maintenance ie. harvesting and watering and some sowing and planting was possible recently and will continue for another week. By then the technical difficulties with my wordpress usage will hopefully be ironed out as well and posts getting more regular again.