Half Time

Digging done!DSC_0008_2

Managed to get in the Red and January King cabbages before the rain set in this morning.Now all available beds are planted apart from prepared patch for spring purple sprouting broccoli and for the kale and brussels sprouts going to be put in far too late, more as a hopeful experiment. Will give up on (again) poorly growing wild rocket and put in celery instead. This is big enough in pots to go out.

Hope the welcome rain will stop after a few days.
It’s time to start planning for winter salads. Believe they must be fully grown and covered as there is hardly any growth due to the short dark days, which will struggle to get the (unheated) greenhouses above 7 degrees celsius even if it’s sunny. This is not helped by the shade the majority of my plot is in between November and February due to the houses south across the road. However last winter there was no severe if any frost inside.
Today we will cook the second helping of courgettes. A kohlrabi is also ready. Although I love our fresh mixed salad bowls containing many different leaves and flowers, warm homegrown vegetables are the novelty now as salad will be in the winter.

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