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An autumn feeling starts to creep in, its getting colder.
It has been a fabulous summer and the plot keeps producing, with the runner beans being the super stars and having to be harvested almost daily. The struggling plants having been bought at greatly reduced prices. The tomatoes are ripening as well and are very tasty. Noire de charbonay, big, dark, fleshy and slightly flowery tasting (not so sure about the name, the seeds given to me by friends) are ripening as early as the varies cherry tomatoes. Since the organic chicken manure ran out, these are getting fed with sheep poo tea, supposedly low in nitrogen, but high in potassium and phosphate. Twice in-between a worm compost derived fertiliser was used.
The worms in the kitchen are apparently well also. The compost has a nice earthy smell only when the lid is lifted and no smell otherwise. No fruit fly problem so far either. Not everyone in our household agrees with this assessment.

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