Apparently gravestones are leaning due to the activity of worms.

DSC_0166_2Thankfully this did not happen to these ancient stones at the head of Loch Striven. A farm, sheep and pheasants, these more heard then seen and having to be chased out of the thistles for that, are now continuing more than 3000years of habitation.

More and more appreciate the depth of understanding, imagination and vision of the worm journey  painting I bought now quite a few years ago. This new connection is due to the wormery I acquired recently. I consider them pets, not all in our household are quite as fond and convinced of the potential. Thankfully no escapees so far and still tolerated in the kitchen.

Composting in general is often on my mind. Thistles and horsetails. Thanks to Mansewood allotments and their noticeboard (so good to visit open days!), soon I will try to drown these weeds and then compost them in a new heap. The presently used will have to be sterilised or otherwise treated as too many seeds and roots are present.

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